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Adoption & Amend. of Codes by Reference
The Council may adopt or repeal an ordinance which incorporates by reference any code or portions of any code, or any amendment thereof, properly identified as to date and source, without setting forth the provision of such code in full.  At least three copies of such code, portion or amendment, which is incorporated or adopted by reference shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk at least 30 days prior to final adoption of the ordinance which incorporates such code, portion or amendment by reference, and shall there be kept available for public use, inspection and examination.  Publication of any ordinance which incorporates by reference any code or portions of any code or any amendment thereof, may be waived in accordance with Section 9 of this article.

Any ordinance adopting a code, portion or amendment by reference shall state the penalty for violating such code, portion or amendment, or any provisions thereof separately and no part of any such penalty shall be incorporated by reference.

"Code" means any published compilation of rules or enforceable standards which has been prepared by the American Insurance Association, the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, the International Conference of Building Officials, the National Fire Protection Association, the Southern Building Code Congress, or any department or agency of the Federal Government or the State of Maine, and shall include specifically, but shall not be limited to: building codes, plumbing codes, electrical wiring codes, health or sanitation codes, fire prevention codes, inflammable liquid codes, together with any other code which embraces rules pertinent to the subject which is a proper municipal legislative matter.

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