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Comp Plan Review Minutes 03/05/02


March 5, 2002
6:00 PM


Members Present:        Allie Vigue, Chair
        James Montell
        Jean Dellert
                                Dorothy Washburne
                                Phil Barter
Members Absent: eter Johnson
                                William Ebert
                                Andrew MacLean

Also Present:           Rich Rothe, Consultant to the Committee
        Jeffrey Hinderliter, CEO/Planner

1.)     6:13 PM, Meeting called to order by Chair Vigue

2.)     Chair Vigue took Roll Call

3.)     Jean Dellert made a motion to accept the minutes of February 20, 2002. Phil Barter seconded the motion.
        Vote:   5 in favor, 0 opposed. Motion passed.

4.)     Rich Rothe read the Overlay District definition in the Comp Plan. He indicated that although there are additional standards that apply to those areas, it is not a separate district.
        Committee Members discussed the Overlay District.

        Jeffrey Hinderliter, CEO/Planner pointed out that an example of an existing overlay district would be Water Street, which is in the Central Business District, and also the Historic Preservation District and portions of the Historic Preservation areas are in the Resource Protection District.

        Rich Rothe suggested that on page 3-17 (g.), they replace that section with Professional offices with up to 10 employees.

        Dorothy Washburne said her idea of a neighborhood is one where you can talk to someone over the fence, bring Christmas gifts to each other, etc.  She described the homes in her neighborhood along River Avenue, which is currently proposed to be in the Overlay District.  She said it is one of the most scenic of all residential areas in Gardiner, some of the highest values of residences and the area where Gardiner started with many historic residences.

        Phil Barter said he didnt think that area should be in an Overlay District.  He envisioned an Overlay District to be on a major artery with major traffic flow.

        Rich Rothe suggested that they cross off River Avenue as part of the Overlay District and replace with Central Business District to Vine Street.

        Allie Vigue discussed the rural nature of outer Route 201.  He said that if this area is to be an Overlay District, there should be comparable relationship of architecture requirements.

        Phil Barter said that the Performance Standards should require buildings in every district to fit into the neighborhood and look residential in nature.


5.)     Committee Members discussed 3.16 through 3.38 of the Performance Standards and made some changes (See administrative record for initial determinations)  

6.)     Other Business

°       Next Meeting

The next meeting date was set for Tuesday, March 19, 2002, 6:00 PM. City Council Chambers
°       Rich Rothe and Jeffrey Hinderliter will put together the draft sections of Ordinance in a binder for each member for the next meeting.  They will also work on new definitions for aboveground swimming pools.

°       The Committee will  begin with a review of the Performance Standards, 3-39.
7.)     Adjourn

        Jean Dellert made a motion to adjourn. James Montell seconded the motion.

Vote:  5 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion passed.    

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM .

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