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Comp Plan Review Minutes 03/20/02

March 20, 2002
6:00 PM


Members Present:        Allie Vigue, Chair
James Montell
Jean Dellert
                                Dorothy Washburne
                                Bill Ebert
Phil Barter
Members Absent: Peter Johnson
                                Andrew MacLean

Also Present:           Rich Rothe, Consultant to the Committee
Jeffrey Hinderliter, CEO/Planner

1.)     6:09 p.m., Meeting called to order by Chair Vigue

2.)     Roll Call taken by Chair Vigue.

3.)     James Montell made a motion to accept the minutes of March 5, 2002 Jean Dellert seconded the motion.
        Vote:   5 in favor, 0 opposed. Motion passed.

4.)     Rich Rothe went over some of the changes to the Performance Standards beginning with 3-36.  Planned Unit Development was changed to Planned Residential Development.  

Committee Members discussed 3-29  3-46. The CEO and Rich will come up with some definitions for mobile home lot frontage.

6:30 p.m. Phil Barter arrived.

Jeff Hinderliter brought up the issue of internally lit signs and the size of signs. A number of applicants have a problem with not being able to have an internally lit sign.  The Committee discussed this issue.  Jeff suggested that they look at signs in various areas of the City before the next meeting and come back with some ideas.

The Committee discussed 3-47 Temporary Structure.  This gives the CEO a tool to deal with issues surrounding some structures said to be temporary. They also discussed 3-47 AA Two/Multi-Family Dwelling Units and some of the changes.

3-49  3-55, Wireless Telecommunications Facilities was added.  The language is based on model provisions that the State Planning Office came up with.

3-55, 3A & 3A1  - except for water crossings has been added to these sections by the Gardiner City Council. Also, a correction needs to be made on 3-57 - there are two sections labeled g.

Rich suggested they go over the Site Plan Review section next.  The draft contains a lot of State minimums and the Shoreland Zoning and Flood Plain are regulated by the State.  This would replace the Conditional Use Permit process.

4-16 Shoreland Overlay District.  Rich explained that the shoreland issues also apply in other districts.  Ex. Central Business abuts the shore  Shoreland Zoning still applies in addition to the underlying district.  This is a way of complying with those rules without creating another district.
Jeff suggested adding two other types of appeals.  The current Variance Appeal process has a 4-part hardship requirement that is very difficult to meet. The two appeals he described as follows:

Practical Difficulty Appeal  an appeal that is not as difficult as proving the 4-part hardship criteria. You can ask for a relaxation of the dimensional requirements provided the relaxation does not equal more than 20%.

Disability Appeal  to cover items such as ramps, etc.

Jeff suggested that the Committee revisit points that the members didnt agree on and other areas where there were questions.  He also suggested that they might have additional ideas for performance standards and to think about the vision that they and the citizens have for the City of Gardiner.

Phil thought maybe they should look at some areas designated Overlay and areas that appear to be spot zoning. Jeff said a mix is great if thought out and well developed.  The Committee discussed this.

Rich suggested and Jeff agreed that maybe the Committee should take a look at the Districts next.  It was suggested that they secure the use of a small bus and the Committee could drive around the City to take a look at these areas.  Jeff said that the American Plan Association has videos that show how these issues have been applied in other areas.

The Committee decided to start with the Site Plan Review at the next meeting.   

5.)     Other Business

°       Next Meeting

The next meeting date was set for Monday, April 1, 2002, 6:00 p.m. City Council Chambers

6.)     Adjourn

Jean Dellert made a motion to adjourn. Dorothy Washburne seconded the motion.
Vote:  6 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion passed.

The meeting adjourned 7:35 PM   

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