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First Aid Tips

Know your emergency numbers-    

Police      911
Fire          911
E.M.S.     911  

Always post near your phone.

Prevention- Stay safe through safe conditions and safe acts.

Scene safety- NEVER  put yourself in a dangerous condition.  Always wait for trained professionals.

Urgent care, prompt rescue, remove from dangerous (water, fire, carbon monoxide, cold, heat)

A, B, Cs -      Airway   Breathing        Circulation (including stopping hemorrhages)

Learn C. P. R.

Movement of an injured person  can increase shock or trauma.  Do not leave victim alone.

Look for any medical I.D. Tags.

Bleeding- can be controlled by:    **direct pressure    **elevation  ** pressure points and as a last resort a tourniquet can be applied.

Falls- Do not move victim unless absolutely necessary.  Wait for assistance.

Burns- 1st, 2nd,  3rd  degree.  Any burn should be cooled  with clean water or wet cloth.  Don't pop blisters or apply first aid creams or ointments.

Heat exhaustion- pale, sweating, may be confused, weakness.  Remove from heat, drink cool water (sips), apply a  cool cloth to forehead.

Frostbite- mostly fingers, toes, nose, ears. In the event that skin turns white, and has little or no feeling of touch, rewarm slowly in warm water (105 f.) Do not rub.

Exposure- shivering, teeth chattering, confusion, weakness, lowered body temp (usually below 96 f), can become unconscious.  Remove wet or cold clothing, rewarm, warm fluids (sips), no coffee or tea, no caffeine or alcohol.

Bee stings- reddening of the area, itching, swelling, hives or rash, shortness of breath, confusion, possible unconsciousness: Apply ice to area of sting.

Poisons-poison control # 1-800-442-6305
 for anything swallowed, ingested or inhaled.
Follow instructions from poison control.


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