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Gardiner Harbor Master
For Power and Sail Boats on the Kennebec

Docks are open in mid-May (pending weather conditions)
& Close mid-October


Rules and guidelines are for docking in the City of Gardiner only.  For mooring information, please contact the Town of Randolph at 207-582-5808.

Permits can be obtained at the Gardiner Police Department (Monday  thru Friday 8:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m.)   For further information, you may contact Heather Brown at the Gardiner Police Department, 207-582-5150.


Licensee shall comply strictly with all the provisions of this agreement, including rules and regulations governing conduct of persons using the Marina Landing. The parties agree that failure by the Licensee so to comply will give the Licensor an immediate right to terminate the license given hereunder, and in addition to exercise all rights and remedies which Licensor has under this Agreement and/or under applicable laws of the State of Maine and of the United States.


Licensee warrants that he is the owner of the Boat, or authorized to enter into this Agreement by the owner, and furnishes the information hereunder, and warrants that said information is true and correct.

Space Licensed and Fees Therefor:

Licensee shall have the right to berth his boat in the slip dock space or mooring assigned by the harbormaster.

Licensee shall berth his boats on the beginning and ending dates listed hereunder.

Licensee shall pay the fees as scheduled hereunder.


Overnight fees:                 Resident:    $10.00
                Visitor:       $15.00

Weekly fees:    Resident:    $60.00
        Visitor:       $100.00

Monthly ALL       $10.00 per foot

Seasonal        ALL       $30 per foot

Note:  No electricity is available.

Licensee agrees to pay fees at time of issuance for overnight and weekly contracts.  Checks can be made payable to the City of Gardiner.

Receipt of payment shall be posted upon the forward dockside window of the boat of licensee.

 Emergency Work and Moorings:

Licensee assumes all responsibility for seeing to it that the Boat is properly moored, with proper lines properly tied and secured at all times, so that the Boat will he secure in any weather conditions.  Should any circumstance require any action to prevent damage to the Boat, such action shall be the responsibility of the Licensee.

Licensor may however, at any time, take such steps and perform form such services with regard to the Boat as in its sole discretion it shall choose including mooring the Boat in such manner, and with such lines, as it shall deem proper.  It shall not be liable for loss or damage to said Boat occurring before, during or after said services shall have been performed, or for failure to provide any goods or materials used, or any work done, whether emergency or otherwise, in an effort to protect or safeguard the Boat, or other boats, docks, installations or persons from damage by the Boat, regardless of the success of such efforts.

Liability of Licensee and Licensor:

Licensor shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the hereunder-described vessel or the contents thereof, or for injury to any person for any cause.

Licensor is not considered to be an insurer of the property or of the person of the Licensee, his guests, invitees, or any other person all of whom come on Licensers premises at their own risk; it is agreed the Licensee have full and complete insurance coverage of his own against all boat and boating hazards, and hazards of personal injury.

Licensee shall be liable for, and shall save Licensor harmless from, any loss, property damage or personal damage or personal injury suffered by Licensor or other person caused directly or indirectly by the Boat or operator including, but not limited to: damage or injury caused by operation of the Boat by Licensee or persons permitted by licensee to operate the Boat; damage or injury caused by the Boat while moored, or after breaking away from its mooring or dock and damage or injury caused by substances (including fuel or objects) or dangerous condition in or on the Boat.  Licensee shall likewise be liable for, shall hold Licensor harmless from, any loss, property damage or personal injury caused by acts of others using Licensors  premises at licenses invitation.

Removal of Boat

In the event that the license granted has been terminated by default of this agreement,  Licensor may at  any time order the Boat removed from the Marina landing and if it I not so removed,  Licensee may have  it removed at Licensees expense to any spot selected by the Licensor.  Licensor may employ such force as may be necessary to accomplish such removal. Licensor shall bear no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury resulting therefrom either to the Boat, its equipment, personal property, or persons remaining on board or to any third parties or their property.  Removal shall not affect the Licensors right to recover monies owing from Licensee.


Sunken Boat

In the event the Boat shall for any reason sink while berthed in a slip, dockside or mooring, or while otherwise occupying   waters used by customers of Licensor, Licensor may take immediate take immediate steps to raise and repair or remove said Boat, all costs of which shall be at Licensees expense.

When obtaining permits, please bring the following information with you:
Boat name, type, year, engine # and length, emergency telephone contact number.

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