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Public Works FAQs
Q:   Does the City of Gardiner pick-up my household trash?              

A:  No.  You can go the the City Manager's section of this website for a list of trash haulers (view here). You can also purchase a permit for Hatch Hill from the City of Augusta and haul it yourself.

Q:  You plowed in the end of my driveway. Why can't you lift the plow at my driveway?          

A:  We would love to be able to do that. However, it would make it nearly impossible to totally clean the travelway of the road.

Q:  The sewer line from my house to the City's main in the street is plugged. Will you come and fix it?          

A:  The City maintains the house services to the edge of the road or the inside of the sidewalk, if a sidewalk is present.  We will not do any maintenance from the edge of the road or sidewalk to the dwelling structure served by the connection.

Q:  Can I come to the Public Works garage and get sand and salt?

A:   Yes,  Gardiner residents can come and get sand at the Public Works garage.  We do not make salt available because it is quite expensive.

Q:   Do I call Public Works if I'm having trouble with my water?

A:    No, you should call the Gardiner Water District at 582-5500.

Q:    Do I call Public Works if I have a question about my sewer bill?

A:     No, you should call the Sewer Billing Clerk, at City Hall at 582-4460 or click here to send her an email.

Q:    Where do I get rid of my brush and leaves?

A:      Hatch Hill will accept leaves for free. There will be a modest charge for brush. Remember, you need to have a Hatch Hill permit to get in.

Q:     How long will it take for the plow truck to get to my street?

A:      It takes over 3 hours for a plow driver to complete his or her route, depending on the storm and how much snow falls.  We plow all roads in Gardiner in a sequential order, you will not be forgotten.

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