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Historic Pres Comm Minutes 2007-06-19

City of Gardiner
Historic Preservation Commission

      6 Church St.                                                                                                        Telephone 207-582-6892
      Gardiner, Me. 04345                                                                                           Fax             207-582-6895


June 19, 2007
City Hall Council Room

Present:                Kirk Mohney     Mike Giberson   Geri Robbins-Doyle                                              Gail Ham                                                        

Absent:         Clarence McKay, Chair   Victor Tessari  Derrick Grant. Alt.
Also Present:   David Cichowski, Code Enforcement Officer
       Dorothy Morang – Recording Secretary
Robert L. Johnston              Phyllis Gardiner        Anne Davis (Library)
Sylvanus Doughty                Michael Eldridge (Library Association)

1.)     Call Meeting to Order
Kirk Mohney called the meeting to order at 6:02 PM

2.)     Roll Call
Roll call was taken.
Consideration of February 20, 2007 Minutes

Geri Robbins-Doyle moved to accept the minutes as written. Michael Giberson seconded the motion.
Vote: 3 in favor. 0 opposed 1 abstained (Gail Ham was not at meeting).  Motion passed.

4.)     Consideration of a Certificate of Appropriateness from Up Street Properties, LLC, Robert L. Johnston, Applicant
        Proposal: To alter original plans to rehabilitate the storefront
        Location: 279-283 Water Street, City Tax Map 37, Lot 119
        Land Use Ordinance Reference: Section 9, Article F.

Logan Johnston introduced himself and said that he and Phyllis had prior approval for the rehabilitation of the storefront, but when they started the demolition, they found, at the sidewalk level, continuous granite cut and faced for the foundation stones with steel posts attached.  They have come up with an alternative plan.  They would use the cut in the original stone as the site for the door, its original location.  This will make it more difficult to divide the space.  The other change is in the lower façade.  The original posts will remain and they will use a wood/plastic composite material for the trim and other visible areas.  The divisions in the glass will be aligned with the columns.  It will be ADA accessible.

Kirk Mohney said that from a picture he had, he estimates that the storefront was put in around 1954.  He asked about the granite posts.  Logan said they will leave them exposed.  

Geri asked if the doors will be aluminum.  Logan said yes, for both.

Geri Robbins Doyle made a motion that we issue a Certificate of Appropriateness to Up Street Properties, LLC based on the revised 5/22/07 plan.  Gail Ham seconded the motion.
Vote: 4 in favor. 0 opposed.  Motion passed.

5.)     Consideration of a Certificate of Appropriateness from Gardiner Library Association, Michael Eldridge, Applicant
        Proposal: To install screens on back wall facing parking lot for the installation of an HVAC System and install a low screening fence (~36” high) on flat roof.
        Location: 152 Water Street, City Tax Map 34, Lot 148
        Land Use Ordinance Reference: Section 9, Article F.

        Mike Eldridge, President of the Gardiner Library Association introduced himself and said        that the Association is a separate entity that takes care of the Library.  He said that this will       be a major project for the Library to install an air conditioning-heating-ventilating system.   He introduced Sylvanus Doughty who has designed the project who will describe the       proposal.

        Sil said that the ventilation equipment will be housed in the back part of the building and     the two compressors would sit on the roof of the small addition on the back.  They will put     some form of screening around the compressors to shield them. They are proposing brick  colored screening to cover the openings for the ventilation system.  It is often used on        historic buildings.

        Kirk asked about the fence.  Sil said he would prefer a metal enclosure painted with a flat     paint that would not stand out any more than necessary.  It would be about three feet high      and ten to twelve feet long.

        Kirk said that Sil had brought this plan to the Maine Historic Preservation Commission for      suggestions. They asked if he could put a brick wall around it.  Sil said that the roof isn’t   strong enough to hold it.

        Gail asked if they could paint the fire door to match.  Sil said they could.

        Geri Robbins-Doyle made a motion that we issue a Certificate of Appropriateness to the  Gardiner Library to install the screens on the back wall facing the parking lot as they are     designed as evidenced tonight.  Gail Ham seconded the motion.

        Gail asked if the Commission should designate a material.  Kirk suggested they do.  Geri        said that she felt they should leave it to the experts because they know what’s going to work   and she feels they will use the correct materials. Kirk said he preferred a metal rather than a         clapboard type.  Gail Ham asked if she could amend the motion.

        Gail Ham amended the motion to add: To please have the metal that was discussed, the    plain metal and done in a very dull finish and once that finish is established, that that would         be used on the screening above and the fire exit door and the finish should match the   Library in so far as it is possible.  Geri      Robbins-Doyle seconded the motion.
        Vote on the amendment:  4 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion passed.

         Vote on motion:  4 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion passed.


Kirk distributed a draft letter that Clarence McKay had written to Black Diamond Consultants, Inc. that addresses ongoing issues with materials used on the building on Water St.  Kirk noted that Dorothy and David had provided him with detailed minutes of the meetings at which this was addressed.  Kirk said it is clear what was approved and the composite materials were not approved.  Chris Hebert of Black Diamond Consultants, Inc. initially noted that they would replace the wooden shingles as needed.

A few months later, it was noticed that all of the shingles were replaced with vinyl shingles.  The former CEO, Barbara McPheters, spoke with Chris about this and he said that finances were tight, but he would be willing to set up a time frame to rectify the problem.  Gail Ham read from previous meeting minutes where Chris Hebert spoke about this.  Geri Robbins-Doyle asked what could be done now.

David Cichowski, the CEO, said that he would sit down with Chris and try to work it out.  If the Ordinance is not followed, he could start legal proceedings and Black Diamond Consultants, Inc. could be fined up to $100. a day until the violation is corrected.

Geri noted that she sold the building to Black Diamond Consultants, Inc. and as he was her client, she would, as before, abstain from any proceedings.

The Commission members discussed the draft letter and noted concerns about some of the content that did not accurately state the facts as they occurred.  Kirk agreed to review the minutes of the previous meetings and make changes to the draft letter as needed.

Mike Giberson noted that Black Diamond Consultants, Inc. had applied for a façade grant and part of it was denied because they wouldn’t accept the vinyl shakes.

Mike Giberson brought up the issue of the Tiger Town building.  They have taken all of the signs down to paint the building and thought it would be a good time to limit the number of signs that go back up.  David said it is two. David said that Mr. Harvey owns the building.

Gail Ham said that she was reading in the newspaper about the Town of Manchester who was looking at putting language into their ordinance to regulate architectural designs and colors for buildings.  She said that our Ordinance doesn’t address this.  Kirk said that the only ordinance that controls colors in the State is Kennebunk.  Gail said that we are trying to get a certain look along the riverfront and some are not buying into this idea that it is a vista.  Gardiner Main Street is trying to promote this.

David described what is in the Ordinance concerning architectural standards and colors.  He said if the Commission wants additional restrictions, they could make a recommendation to the Council or bring it to the Ordinance Review Committee.

Kirk said that he will look at Kennebunk’s Ordinance.  He said if we are looking at doing this, we should start in the Historic District and hire a professional to design a color palette.  He will also look into how other towns have addressed this in the Historical District and other districts and how they overlap.

6.)     Adjourn
        Gail Ham made a motion to adjourn.  Geri Robbins Doyle seconded the motion.
        Vote:  4 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned @ 7:22 PM.

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