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Historic Pres Comm Minutes 2008-03-25

March 25, 2008
Special Meeting  8 AM

Present:        Kirk Mohney             Clarence McKay  Gail Ham
                Jean Parkin-Clunie      Geri Doyle

Absent: Paula Murphy
Also present:   Dave Cichowski, Code Enforcement Officer
                Mitchell Rasor, Consultant
                Judith Dorsey, Planning Board member

The purpose of this specially called meeting was to discuss what changes the Historic Preservation Commission would like to propose for signs in the downtown historic district, for inclusion in the Ordinance Review Committee’s new draft sign ordinance and/or associated provisions of Section 9 of the Gardiner Land Use Ordinance.  Commission members tentatively agreed on the following proposals, subject to another review by Commission members.

1)  In addition to projecting, wall (previously called parallel), window and interior signs already allowed in Section 9, additional sign types that will be allowed are awning, iconic, marquee, and trail signs, as well as murals.  (There was agreement that the sign ordinance needs to be amended to clarify the difference between a canopy and a marquee.)  Directory boards will be allowed in the downtown historic district only if they are interior signs or are incorporated into a projecting sign that meets the directory board requirements in the new draft sign ordinance.  

2)  Sign size limitations are the same as those listed for the central business district, except that wall signs are limited in size to 10 sq. ft.  

3)  Authority for granting certificates of appropriateness is as follows:

Sign type                               CEO                                     Commission

Awning                                                                  X
Iconic                                                                          X               
Interior                                        X
Marquee                                                                 X
Mural                                                                           X
Projecting                              6 sq ft or less                         up to 10 sq ft
Trail                                                                           X
Wall                                    6 sq ft or less                         up to 10 sq ft
Window                          X

4)  Subsection 6.4.2 of the new draft sign ordinance will be amended to reflect that exposed plywood signs are prohibited and signs shall fit in with their surroundings (exact wording to be determined).  

5)  In the downtown historic district, signs at the primary entrance are limited to one projecting sign per building and one other sign for each business that occupies the ground floor of the building.   One additional sign is permitted at the rear entrance.   Each business above the ground floor may have one window sign.  

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