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Historic Pres Comm Minutes 2009-09-30
City of Gardiner
Historic Preservation Commission

6 Church Street                                                 Phone:  207 582-6892
Gardiner, Maine 04345                                           Fax:       207 582-6895

Special Meeting
Wednesday, September 30, 2009 @ 8:00AM
City Hall, Council Chambers

Present:                Clarence McKay, Chair   Geri Robbins-Doyle      Kirk Mohney                     Jean Parkin-Clunie              Gail Ham        
Absent:         Hal Norvell                     Paula Murphy (Applicant)

Also Present:   David Cichowski, Code Enforcement Officer
Dorothy Morang – Recording Secretary

                        Matthew and Paula Murphy

  • Call Meeting to Order
Chair McKay called the meeting to order at 8:07 AM

  • Roll Call
3.)     Continuation: Consideration of a Certificate of Appropriateness Application from Matthew Murphy, Applicant
        Proposal: To replace eleven windows with Dura Classic windows – manufactured by Matthew Brothers in Belfast, ME
Location:  232 Water St, City Tax Map 34, Lot 104, Central Business/Historic Zoning District
Land Use Ordinance Reference: Section 9, Article F

Kirk asked the Applicant if he had any additional information to present.

Matt Murphy brought in a whole display window showing the features of it.  He said that the muntins are on both side of the glass and a divider is between the glass.  The muntins are about 1/8” wider than the current windows.

David Cichowski provided a diagram of the window, showing the size of each feature as well as measurements he took from the Murphys’ windows.  Kirk noted that a photo provided with the application shows a thick sill and asked if the Applicants were going to remove the sills.  Matt said he has discussed it with the contractor and won’t know how involved it will be until they can get under the sills and determine if they have rotted beyond repair.  He said that the top window sill in the back window is covered with plywood and two others are wrapped with aluminum.  Kirk said that the sill is an integral part of the whole frame and was concerned if they were going to leave the existing sill and then add this window with sill, which would add to the depth.  He said that if at the end of the process, the depth of the sill (3 ½”) is retained, it would help to maintain the overall size of the window.

Geri asked if they still planned to use the brick molding.  Matt said yes and the windows will be six over six.  Geri asked if the windows came from Lapoints.  Matt said yes.

Geri Robbins-Doyle made a motion that we grant a Certificate of Appropriateness to Matthew and Paula Murphy to replace eleven windows in their building, Dura Classic, six over six, using brick molding.  Kirk Mohney seconded the motion and added an amendment.  The openings should be the same size and the depth of the sill should match the existing 3 ½” sill.  Gail Seconded the Amendment.
Vote on amendment: 5 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion passed.
Vote on motion: 5 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion passed.

    4.)        Adjourn
Chair McKay adjourned the meeting.  
The meeting adjourned at 8:21 AM

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