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Tips For Kids
Let your parents or guardians know where you are going and how long you plan on being there. Tell them the route that you are going to use to get there.

Obey all traffic lights when crossing the street, and cross in the crosswalks.

Try to play in a group, with friends. You're safer in a group than you are by yourself. If you get in trouble in a group, there is someone there to help you.

If someone driving a car stops and calls you to their vehicle, DON'T go near the car. Move away from the vehicle. If possible, try to get a look at the driver or the person who is calling you as you move away. Also try to remember the license plate, and the make and color of the car. Always run in the opposite direction of the car; never run in the direction that the car is facing. Then get to a safe place and tell an adult you trust what happened. If you see a police officer on the street, stop him or her and tell them.

DON'T ever talk to strangers on the street or accept anything from them such as money, candy, or even a puppy. NEVER go with anyone, even if they tell you that they are looking for a lost person or pet. Get away from that person as quickly as possible. Tell an adult or the police what happened.

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