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Winter Operations
When the snowfall starts

Top Priority is given to the City's main roads.  Those roads are routes that the City has found to have the heaviest traffic and usually are major arteries.  Snow removal operations begin when frozen precipitation begins falling.  All operations begin by salting the streets and continue until the streets are clear or it is no longer effective due to the depth of snow.  The City has the capacity to store 90 tons of salt under cover.  That stockpile is adequate for any one storm and is replenished after each storm.  

When the snowfall continues

When two to three inches of snow has accumulated and more is expected, snow is more economically removed by plowing rather than salting.  Our first responsibility is to open the main roads.  These arterials are the key to maintaining a steady flow of traffic, since most residents live within a few blocks of each.  The plows then continue to all streets on the route to "open up" each one in sequence.  If the storm continues in intensity the trucks remain in that same pattern until the storm abates.  When conditions improve, the trucks then begin to "widen out" all roads by pushing accumulated snow back to the curb line and cleaning out intersections.  

After the Storm is over

Crews continue to monitor all roads for icy spots and areas where winds redeposit the snow in traffic lanes.  Usually an application of salt and/or sand is applied to all streets so the riding surface remains driveable.  If the snow accumulation is to about 3 to 4 inches, the City removes the snow from the Arcade Parking lot and the entire downtown area.    The snow removal in the Arcade Parking lot is done in two phases.  The first phase is behind Tiger Town, which is the larger area.   This area is done every storm that has 3 or more inches accumulated.  The second phase is done on at least every other storm unless there is 8 - 10 inches accumulated.    

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