Property Tax Relief

City of Gardiner Property Tax Assistance

If you are 65 or older, have owned a house in Gardiner for 10 years, and your taxes are paid in full.  And, you filed the 2022 Property Tax Fairness Credit and received a credit, then you could receive a refund of $100 to $500. More details are available on the Tax Collector's Department page

Maine Law allows for property tax relief through several programs and exemptions available to individuals and businesses. Personal exemptions, refund programs, personal property tax reimbursements, municipal revenue sharing, State aid to education and homestead reimbursements are all used to reduce property taxes in Maine.

As  a result of the money Gardiner receives from the State Legislature through the State Municipal Revenue Sharing program, Homestead exemption reimbursement and State Aid to Education, your property tax bill for 2019/2020 has already been reduced by 48.80%.

The following programs may help you reduce your individual property tax: