Flood Information

Preparing For A Safe Flood Season
Flood Information

With flood season fast approaching, the Gardiner Department of Public Safety is providing the following information to help you prepare for a safe season.

A few reminders:

Never drive on submerged roads or streets. Always seek an alternate route around roadways where flooding is present. Highway departments will erect barricades to warn motorists not to pass. Ignoring these safety warnings places the driver and passengers in jeopardy.

Remember: Six (6) inches of fast-moving floodwater can knock you off your feet, and two feet will float your car.

*Make Sure You Are Prepared*

In the event a major flood is predicted, you may be asked by public safety officials to evacuate. And you might not have a lot of notice. Plan now. Move perishables and valuables from low places to prevent damage, and make arrangements to stay with friends or family. Being prepared now could save lives during a flood.

There are a number of factors that contribute to flooding including heavy rainfall, rapid snow melt, ice jams, sudden, sustained temperature increases, and/or reservoir storage capacity fluctuations.

Periodically the National Weather Service reports water levels on the Kennebec River in Augusta. Based on that data, we can estimate Gardiner's levels. High and low tides, as well as the flow of water from the Cobbossee Stream can affect levels in Gardiner. There is an approximately six-foot differential between levels in Augusta and those in Gardiner as indicated in the table below.

The following Internet addresses are provided to assist you in preparing for flood season


Water Level in Augusta

Water Level in Gardiner

Potential Impact

17 feet

11 feet

Water enters Hannaford parking lot

18 feet

12 feet


19 feet

13 feet

Water enters Arcade parking lot

20 feet

14 feet

Lot moving towards buildings