City-Wide Cleanup 2023

Tickets Available April 10th
City Clean Up

RESIDENTS can purchase color coded tickets for $30.00 at City Hall. If you have any items listed under Universal Waste you would like to dispose of, an additional charge of $15.00 per item will be assessed. 


  • METALS....................Including appliances

  • BULKY ITEMS..........Including furniture, stereos, etc.

  • LEAVES.....................In Paper Bags only

  • NEWSPAPERS..........Must be tied in bundles or in grocery bags.

  • BRUSH.......................Under 2” in diameter

UNIVERSAL WASTE (Additional $15.00 per item)

  • Desktop printers

  • Televisions

  • CPU’s

  • Computer Monitors


  • NO Tires or vehicle batteries will be collected under any conditions.

  • NO Construction or Demolition Debris.

  • NO Liquids, Chemicals, Paints or Hazardous Wastes.

  • NO Objects larger than which two men could reasonably load.



Voting District 1………. May 1-5 (PINK)
ABCD Drive, Adams, Ash, Autumn, Bridge, Cedar, Clinton, Cobbossee (odd numbers from West Hill Road to W. Gardiner, Elijah, Fountain, Gardiner Village (30 Adams), Gudrun, Harrison (from Winter to Cedar), Highland, Highland Ave. Terrace, Hillcrest, Maine Ave from 44 to Farmingdale, Loon, Melvin, Middle, Mt. Vernon, Northern (even numbers left side to Adams), Orchard, Pineridge Apts, Plaisted, Pope, Pray, Spring, Summer, West Hill, West Hill Terrace, Willow, Winter.

Voting District 2………. May 8-12 (YELLOW)
Alexandra, Andrews, Armory, Ash, Brunswick Ave.(from central to intersection Marston Rd. odd numbers), Central, Cherry, Cobbossee (even numbers), Commonwealth, Elm (odd numbers), Fairview, Green, Griffin, Harden, Harrison (from Pray), High Holborn, Iron Mine Mobile Home Park, Karen, Lions, Maple, Mekola, Oak, Old Brunswick Rd, Pine, Pushard, Rideout, Riverview Terrace, Spruce, Stonewall Lane, Sunset Circle, Townsend Place, Walnut, Washington (from west side of Elm to left side of Brunswick Ave.), Water (646 Water to Central), West, Williams.  

Voting District 3………. May 15-19 (BLUE)
Main, Beech, Brunswick Ave(both sides until Central), Brunswick Ave. Terrace, Carson, Chestnut, Church, Cottage, Danforth, Dazzle Drive, Deane, Dennis, Dresden, Elm (even numbers), Filmore Place, Freemont, Gary, Heselton, Justa Way, Kingsbury, Ledgeside Drive, Liberty, Lincoln, Mattson Heights, Marston Rd(south side to Brook Dam), Mechanic, My Way, Neal, Pierce, Pleasant, Plummer Court, Plummer St., River Ave (from Kingsbury to Rolling Dam), Robinson, School, Tilbury Park, Tom’s Way, Vine, Washington (15 to 63 both sides), Water (372 thru 626).

Voting District 4 & Wrap-up………. May 22-26 (GREEN)
Allies Way, ABJ Dr, Barnett, Bartlett, Blueberry Hill Lane, Blakes Hill, Browns Lane Butler Lane, Booker, Brunswick Ave. (from Stonewall to Richmond Line), Cannard, Capen, Carey, Costello, Deer Hill, Doyle Dr, Duck Cove, Ely Lane, Farm Family, Ferndale Rd, Gary’s Drive, Goodwin Cove, Gowell Drive, Halls Drive, Harley Rd, Hickey Pt, High Pine, Hillside Circle, Holiday Lane, Hume Lane, Hundred Acre Wood Rd, Johnson, Lawrence, Ledgewood Lane, Leighton, Loon Drive, Libby Hill Rd., MacMaster Lane, Maschino Lane, Marks Lane, Marston Rd. (from Capen Road South), Moody, Mudawg Drive, Moss Dr, Mullins, Nazarene Way, North St., Pushard Lane, Parent Lane, Pickens, Purington Way, Rustic Lane, River Road (from Rolling Dam to Richmond Line), Riverview Dr., Riverside Rd., Rolfe Circle, Sawyer, Slamin Way, Sunset Shores, Shadynook, Spring Cove, South St, Stonewall Snow, Sherburn, Stanley, Union, Weeks, Yorks Lane

If you have any questions, please call 582-4460

Thank you, Gardiner Public Works Department