Marriage Licenses

Obtaining Your Marriage License

Once the intentions have been filed and the spouses to be have signed the marriage license, the marriage license is immediately issued to them. The license must be used within 90 days from the date the intentions were filed. The cost of obtaining a marriage license is $40.

How To File Intentions

The first step in filing a marriage license is to have the marriage intentions recorded in writing. Both parties must sign the intentions, stating they are free to marry.

You must be 18 years of age to marry without parental consent. If you have been married before and are divorced or widowed, a certified copy of documentation showing how the last marriage ended is required.

You only need to file in the town that you live. If you live in separate towns, you only need to file one copy.

Marriage Ceremony   

Do you want to get married at City Hall? The cost is $25. It is preferred that you bring two witnesses of your own, however, you may ask staff to witness. If you want city staff to stand in as witnesses, please call 582-4460 to make an appointment.

Request of a Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate

Please write a letter including the following information:

  • Full name of both parties
  • Date of Marriage
  • Relationship to the name of the request
  • Genealogist ID #
  • Name and mailing address where we should send the certificate(s)
  • Number of certified copies you are requesting
  • Original signature of person requesting record

Copy of Driver's License, Passport or Goverment ID or two copies of utility bills, bank statements, vehicle registration, personal check w/address, previously issued vital record, social security card, DD214, pay stub, w-2, voter registration card.

***Please note*** Faxed and/or emailed requests are not allowed.