Parks & Recreation Committee

Purposes and Findings.

The city council of the City of Gardiner, Maine, finds that the supervision and administration of a municipal recreation is essential to the protection of the public health and the promotion of the public welfare and that the creation of a Parks and Recreation Committee is necessary to accomplish this objective.


The Parks and Recreation Committee shall consist of up to seven voting members, up to two (2) of whom shall be City Councilors, representatives from a variety of all levels of the city, who shall serve in terms of three years. The members shall be appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of the city council, and vacancies shall be filled in the same manner. During said term, the members shall hold said office at the pleasure of the appointing authority. The members shall serve without compensation. The committee shall also consist of three ex-officio (non-voting) members, including a representative from Gardiner Main Street, a representative from the Boys & Girls Club, and the Public Works Director.


The object of this Gardiner Parks and Recreation Committee is (1) to plan a year-round recreation program for all residents of the City of Gardiner including all age groups; (2) to correlate the recreation activities provided by other local civic organizations into a unified recreation program, and (3) to assume the responsibility of the functioning of a recreation program.”

Vacancy Five


Councilor - (06/30/2022)

Jack Fles


Jerome Maschino

Member - (06/30/2022)

Joseph Simanski


Jeannine L'Heureux


Cindy Reiter

Member - (06/30/2022)

John Burgess

Member - (06/30/2023)

Peter Giampetruzzi

Member - (06/30/2023)