Comprehensive Plan Review & Implementation Committee

Gardiner’s Comprehensive Plan Review & Implementation Committee consists of a cross-section of Gardiner residents representing various businesses/occupations, volunteer/service organizations, and positions of municipal service who have volunteered to provide context and insight for the 2014 update to Gardiner’s Comprehensive Plan.

The current Comprehensive Plan Review & Implementation Committee was formed in 2012 and met frequently to update the last Comprehensive Plan which was ratified in 1997, and to add new material that includes community values and visions as expressed during the Gardiner Heart & Soul community outreach efforts, funded in part by a grant from the Orton Family Foundation. This process has been supported by City staff and by Planning Decisions, Inc., the City’s contracted municipal and land use planning firm.

The provisions for establishing a Comprehensive Plan Review & Implementation Committee are mandated by the State of Maine Statutes Title 30-A, Chapter 187: PLANNING AND LAND USE REGULATION Subchapter 2: GROWTH MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Article 2: GROWTH MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS §4324. Responsibility for growth management.

The Gardiner Comprehensive Plan Review & Implementation Committee hosted a public workshop at City Hall on March 13, 2014 which was attended by over 35 residents. The documents, Chapters 5 and 6 of the draft Comprehensive Plan, and an overview of key policy issues provided by Mark Eyerman, Planning Decisions, the City’s planning advisor, were reviewed at that meeting and are posted here for general reference and review.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Angelia Christopher Administrative Assistant 207-582-6892
Kris McNeill Code Enforcement Officer 207-582-6892

Committee Members

NameTitle (Term Expiration)
Debby Willis

Member - (06/30/2021)

Member - (06/30/2021)

Dorothy Washburne

Member - (06/30/2021)

Kirk Mohney

Member - (06/30/2021)