Gardiner Water District Trustees

All the affairs of the Gardiner Water District shall be managed by a board of trustees composed of three members to be chosen by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Gardiner, but no member of the City Council shall, during the term for which he is elected, be chosen one of the said board of trustees.  As soon as convenient after the members of said board have been chosen, said trustees shall hold a meeting at the city rooms in the City of Gardiner, and organize by the election of a president and clerk, adopt a corporate seal and when necessary may choose a treasurer and all other needful officers and agents for the proper conduct and management of the affairs of said district.  At said first meeting they shall determine, by lot, the term of office of each trustee so that one shall serve for 1 year, one for 2 years and one for 3 years; and whenever the term of office of a trustee expires the said municipal officers of the City of Gardiner shall appoint a successor to serve the full term of 3 years; and in case any other vacancy arises, it shall be filled in like manner for the unexpired term.  They may also ordain and establish such bylaws as are necessary for their own convenience and proper management of the affairs of the district.  The term of office of trustee shall begin on the first Monday of April.  Said trustee may procure office and incur such expenses as may be necessary.  Each member shall receive in full compensation for his services an allowance of $100 per annum.

Gardiner Water District Trustees

NameTitle (Term Expiration)Address
Geri Doyle

Member (04/01/2021)

18 Vine Street, Gardiner

Jeff Kobrock

Member ( 04/04/2022)

60 Elm Street, Gardiner