Areas of Assistance

A brief summary of possible areas of assistance is noted as follows:

  • CMP disconnect
  • Out of fuel and referrals to agencies for needed repair
  • Rent (does not include security deposit)
  • Food and personal household items
  • Medical prescriptions

Persons need to be mindful that assistance is issued to households when events create a financial hardship due to circumstances beyond the household's control.

All persons in need of assistance must schedule an appointment with the Welfare Office by calling 207-582-1000, complete an in-depth application and provide documentation of income and basic need expenditures in accordance with the Municipal Ordinance guidelines. If verification is not provided at the time of the appointment, the client is given a 24-Hour Delay of Decision, at which time the information must be made available. If the client is unable to respond with the necessary documentation, the request for assistance is denied.

Falsification/misrepresentation of any requested information and or documentation may result in one or all of the following:

  • 120-Day Disqualified Period - Statewide
  • Fine
  • Imprisonment